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    You leave a scar, tonight that I only warm

    The twinkling of an eye, Christmas is coming, everybody happy similar to go shopping, watching movies, to send gifts to each other. But I, lonely stand in the cold window, secretly saola heart grey snow. Through the years the eye, the day to return to love each other, we arrived early in the Lanting Pavilion design together with the. Then, you sit beside me, and I then put in the hand railing, secretly extended to the other side of you, a little effort will rely on the tightly you my last distance into homeopathy, you also held my arm, so we simply snuggle, indulge. The river came gentle spring breeze, the wind blowing gently in your hair, also took your breath, blowing into my oxygen, the condensation of love feel eyes quietly closed. Remember when I was still in my heart silently pledged
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    Love is like life from birth to death

    Love like life, from young to old Zhuang Zhuang, from to, from old to die. From the young to the strong love, must first from the start. The budding love probably in the primary school, a class positions, or monitor or a member of the study, can attract many girls looking eyes, then sugar presents just love the seasoning, there is sweet, not because of the good promotion. From the strong to the old love, Zhuang is the process, always results. When love begins to grow, if you think a sugar can get heart, then you must be dreaming. The combination of reality and love, since high school spread to the University, they mouth praised Xu Zhimo and Lin Whei-yin’s love, but the heart to measure his worth. So you often see the man was the handle bracket into the store, in a few hours shopping
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    Illusion, looming

    Reality, fuzzy reality; if the loss, the loss of quietly. Touched not gentle, not read fantasy. This is my self sensational manner. Have no gorgeous language, not a source of inspiration, I found that have not write my past. Silence broken pen, wash the black and white, clear eyes. Back, turned but. The self ridicule, something to live for, Is it right? Like this: when the write clouds overcast, depressing atmosphere, stifling the vitality; when the moonlight, Touzhe gentle cruelty, half broken pieces. Write this too Wenqi, contrast the atmosphere, you do not know, I do not care, silence is my best.
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    I wish to be the spring of a snow

    Woke up this morning, all over the mountains and plains in the snow, snow, searching, fluttering Sasa, floating in the field, dancing in the streets; floating in the vast earth, dance in the end of time. It falls to the dream, the dream is I can’t touch the happiness time; float to the heart, the heart becomes vacant clean, be spotlessly clean. I love snow, love crystal clear, its natural freely, the song I love you snow, will lead me through the time tunnel back to Qingse years, as though I am standing in the night the snow on the playground, see Yin Xiumei open TV singing. Quietly standing in the corner, obscure forehead shows a childish of me, is how confusing illusion and hope, that is how Qingse years! Carrying me much hazy dream, who knows? I love snow, love the snow, bright en
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    Vigil land contract responsibility

    In the implementation of land contract responsibility system, the land belongs to the collective, in the vast rural production team is minimal “cell” of the group, production team leader is the team’s biggest officer. The production team’s farming activities are produced by the captain unified arrangements, unified farming, that season, that piece of land for what crops are produced by the captain said to calculate. When the crop quickly mature, will begin to wake, spring wheat, peas, summer maize, beans, sugarcane, Autumn Peanut, sweet potato, Vigil became the most beautiful scenery of the production team, now in retrospect still finish around the heart.USB DAC Of Kidult Online The vigil is composed of two par
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    Creating awareness about melanoma

    The famous umbrella initially used for a rainy day has taken on plenty of roles. Most of all, they are perfect for celebs to hide behind while being mobbed by paparazzi. They are large enough to protect them from innumerable flashes that go off in their face often blinding them. Another great place we meet celebs is at their children’s little league and games. They are glad to be seen carrying their UV umbrellas for that extra comfort and shade. This makes great sense for those with sensitive skin which is easily irritated by the sun’s rays. Portable umbrellas are also seen with celebrities on a rainy day exiting a hotel, restaurant or just walking home after grocery shopping.prada handbags sale The uses
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    The grass

    The chill of the season, with the first ray of sunshine warm melting ice and snow, had been sleeping all things a whole winter began to recover. Spring sing a happy song murmuring flowing, awakened the dream in the solitude of the nature. Because the light, I cannot bear lonely, heart ready to start. A bitter struggle broke layer of barrier, break ground and out, become a new green this world not worth mentioning. Bathed in the warm spring breeze, I tread, the exhaustion of strength to climb Ying, vigorous, eager to have a height, only to be near the blue sky, picking more sunshine.
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    Murphy, you forget

    Cold and gloomy winter day, I listened to “do”, Home Designwhile beating the system of vocabulary, to the sad mood to add some haze. It is wrong to love, love is not on the road, a guardian but let trees barren… The ancient city, winter depression, branch left the withered and yellow leaf, the cold wind hit, seemed to hear a voice of life withered. In such a season, immersed in the bone marrow of cold as if removing all the warmth of the body, leaving a group group cold recall Yinyun in lung. Laugh silly people delay, someone still in place to wait, you say happiness… Leaning against the window, gently sighed, suddenly white mist, blocked the line of sight, reaching, in white gas permeates the place
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    Perfect love

    Just saw a piece of paper, which asked, while a woman loves a man, what is love men themselves, quality or loving man to life. I want to say, love this thing, it is not scientific and understandable, it will only leave abruptly the two options for women to think, must be somewhat limited, I think, people are greedy animal, desire is endless, a lot of people do not have money at the beginning, longing for the quality of men give life, longing for the bright lights of life, it is understandable that the so-called love, and it doesn’t matter much, those between poor gigantic loser and high side handsome man, and there is no real sense of love, so they can give the living quality to make the comparison, thus the preferred. The true meaning of people falling in love, just don’t have
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    This life with you

    In childhood, we are just a group of small partners, frolicking, occasionally quarrel.After school, we become the students in the same classroom, together with the school to go home, in under the tree a piece of homework, frolicking, still occasionally quarrel. Again big point we have left the school, letters are full of miss and worry, memories are the past happy times, but never the quarrel.Gradually, more and more far With the passage of time, the small partners, have classmate somehow become friends, doomed to a lifetime to each other to worry, miss. Once, we follow like a shadow, hate not to become a mother. But now because of love, because we go our separate ways, many years have seen on a rare, telephone and * * a continuation of
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